Common Courtesy – Does It Still Exist?

Awhile back I wrote an article on common courtesy in the workplace that stirred up a lot of opinions from my readers.  I just came across their responses while cleaning out some files the other day and thought it would be a good time to re-address this. I had suggested that our upbringing was a … Read more

Death, Taxes and ???

    I have always heard that the two things you can count on in life are death and taxes.  I want to add a third to that list – Change!  I seem to be having a lot of friends and family members experiencing a lot of change lately and not all due to the … Read more

Goal Setting 101

Why is it that many people make New Year’s resolutions but can’t achieve them?  Oftentimes the resolution is too vague (I want to lose weight) or so unattainable (I will run a marathon) that they are abandoned very quickly.  I consider September a new year; maybe it is that new yellow pencil mentality so I … Read more

Mementos and Milestones

Last week I did not write my blog but had a good reason.  My other company, Carter Consultants Ltd., an executive search and research, firm celebrated 20 years in business on September 3rd.  I had some preparations for this milestone including writing the email blast and an article for my website.  Many things have changed … Read more

Small Miracles

I am a day late (again!) writing my blog but I had a good reason this time.  On Sunday morning at 6:15 am, I got a text from a friend saying she lost power.  As I read it, I lost mine.  I looked outside and saw that my tree in the front yard had totally … Read more

Go Fish and Other Ways to Prevent Burnout

I met the fisherman again this past weekend and I learned more about his life.  He retired at 43 years old from the service because his father was very ill.  I asked him what he did after his father passed away and he replied that he went fishing around the world.  He has fished in … Read more

A is for Accountability

Recently I was accused by a friend that I had “ruined their day”.  I admit that I said some things that although factual were also unpleasant because I was hurt by some of his actions (I admit that I did not apply the “You Versus I” concepts that I wrote about in one of my … Read more

Color Your World to Open Your Mind

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to members of New Canaan Cats, a career transition group.  The topic of my workshop was “Color Your Mind to a New Way of Thinking About Your Job Search”.  (Long title but fun and informative night, not just for them, but for me as well.)   Everyone … Read more

Are You A Negative Nancy or Ned?

I recently asked my readers for ideas for my blog and a college friend gave me a good suggestion.  He usually listens to the radio on the way into work which he has always enjoyed.  Lately, however, he finds that the news is all so negative that it puts him in a bad mood which … Read more

Business Tips I Learned from a Fisherman

While walking early in the morning on the beach this weekend, I met a fisherman fishing in the water.  He told me that when he was a child, he had rheumatic fever so could not participate in sports but was able to fish.  Now in his 70’s, he tries to go to the beach every … Read more