ABCs of Your Career Journey – H is for Habit

Habits are tricky because it can take a long time to acquire a good habit and much harder and longer usually to stop a bad habit.  Surprisingly some people have a blind spot to their habits which can frustrate coworkers, family members, and friends.  I conduct an exercise where each participant has to text someone … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – G is for Grade

When I was in school, there were certain classes I looked forward to getting my grades and others that I wished I could have had a pass/fail grade.  I was a good student but certain subjects like trigonometry were just tough.  Those tests and quizzes would come back with lots of red marks and a … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – E is for Evolving

Hiring managers are not looking for same old, same old.  A candidate can be in their role for a long time, however, if they have not increased their level of responsibility and/or expanded their duties, they will not be viewed favorably.  This is not just about knowing the latest software or a new regulation or … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – B is for Blind Spot

Drivers learn that every car has a blind spot so you have to be extra careful when you want to switch lanes or are backing out of a parking space.  Many people also have to watch out for blind spots when it comes to their careers.  How they perceive themselves may be very different from … Read more