Everyone Can Use a Coach


CoachingImageIf you were involved in a sport as a child, you probably had one or two coaches working with you.  They did not physically move your arms and legs but they still assisted you in how to improve in your sport, even if it was throwing a ball, running around a track or swimming a lap.  This person could also suggest you learn new skills.  The most important part of their role as a coach though is to motivate and guide you to reach your full potential.

As we grow older, we may turn to our professors, bosses, and/or parents but they may also bring their own viewpoints, prejudices, and stereotypes to the table.  Wouldn’t it be great to work with an individual who is truly vested in your future but does it by being a thought partner who helps you explore new ideas and goals?  As a coach, I am dedicated to you, your personal growth, and your dreams.  I can work with you in individual sessions or you can be part of a group coaching program.  There are benefits to both types of coaching – most has to do with your comfort level.  In one-on-one sessions, you may be more willing to open up and have the whole session to yourself.

Participants who prefer group coaching like the interaction and camaraderie they have with others.  Ideas germinate that the coachees had not thought of before or were fearful of trying.  They also have enjoyed 6-10 people congratulating them when a goal has been reached or an aha! moment has occurred.  All the excitement everyone feels even if it is over the phone makes it more worthwhile and exhilarating.

A recent six-week group coaching program with seven women took different twists and turns that no one could have predicted before.  All were challenged to take risks and go beyond their comfort zones.  No two people had the same goal or the same approach but they came together, shared their thought processes, and provided meaningful feedback and comments.  Some of their comments were –

“I was surprised how applicable the information through coaching was both personally and professionally.”

“Meeting the other participants even though it was over the phone and sharing their stories was the best!”

“Women crave this type of interaction and need other women to collaborate with in a trusting environment.  I think I want more.”

All of us can use a cheerleader in our lives.  Someone who motivates and inspires us.  Coaching can do that for you and more.