Coaching Services

Beth’s comprehensive knowledge of the corporate world and being a business owner puts her in a unique position to help others navigate the constant competition, change, and life balance conundrums characterizing today’s workplace. By developing a collaborative relationship with her clients, she motivates and guides them to be fulfilled by achieving their goals.

Beth accomplishes this through her speaking engagements, trainings, and coaching where she excels at having others see past their blind spots and identifies areas where they can flourish. Other services she offers include preparing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters as well as conducting assessments that highlight strengths and pinpoint areas that need improvement, and then developing a coaching plan that outlines specific objectives and parameters.


One on One Coaching –
This individualistic approach offers a more in-depth evaluation of what you want to accomplish and how you want to get there.  By having open and honest conversations which includes brainstorming sessions, Beth can guide you to discover your true potential. Together we will identify what your struggles are and how to overcome them effectively.

Group Coaching –
By offering coaching in a group setting, Beth can engage the individuals to offer inspiration and ideas to each other by revealing their relevant life experiences which will result in energizing them to move forward in identifying and accomplishing their individual and group objectives.

Team Building –
There are unique challenges in coaching a team, including sensitivity and resentment issues, productivity, skill sets, and informal and formal leadership capabilities, that Beth will uncover through various exercises and discussions that will lead to a more cohesive working environment.

Performance Enhancement –
Individuals may need to focus on one or two particular areas so Beth would challenge them to understand what the struggles they face and to devise a developmental plan with specific timeframes in order to measure and evaluate their success.

Individual and Organizational Assessments –
Online assessments can be beneficial by providing insight into your behaviors quickly and effectively and can be used as the foundation for developing a coaching plan. Beth has experience in 360 assessments and is also certified in the DISC behavioral assessment tool.