Training & Speaking Engagements

A representative sample of our training and speaking engagements includes:

The ABC’s of Leadership
Become a better leader from A to Z!  A must attend workshop for those leading a project, team, department, or organization.

Emotional Intelligence
To be a successful leader, one must not only be self-aware but also learn and utilize the other components of EQ.

Leadership Development
For strategic leaders who want to successfully “energize” their staff to achieve company goals.

Manager as Coach
Coaching is an important tool for every leader’s toolbox.

Negotiate Like A Pro
Understand different negotiating styles, how to handle a negotiation effectively, and what to do before a negotiation can even take place.

Personal Branding
Define who you really are and know how to communicate this to others which will help to market yourself for a new job, promotion, or that hight profile project.

The Science of Being a Super Hero
Determine what qualities/super powers you possess and learn how to capitalize on them in the workplace.

Team Building & Conflict Resolution
To improve employee engagement, it is critical to know how to effectively inspire your team so they feel fulfilled and want to function at peak performance.

Understanding Behaviors to Have Better Relationships – Personally & Professionally
The DISC assessment will be utilized to build better awareness in order to identify key behavior characteristics of your team, your boss, and others you work with.

Women & Leadership
For women leaders who want to learn how to navigate their current workplace as well as their future careers more effectively.