My Pet Peeves – Reply All and Ghosting

Many of us, especially me, can’t stand when someone sends an email to a bunch of people and everyone hits “Reply All.” 

Not only does it clog up everyone’s inbox, but it also takes valuable time to read them when maybe one person replies with something useful for the whole group.

For me, I try very hard not to do it but then I feel others perceive me as not being a team player because I don’t reply to everyone with “thanks”, “great” or whatever word everyone else seems to be using that day.

Instead I feel it is much better to only reply to the person(s) that need an answer or comment.

Regardless of how sensible this may seem, it amazes me how many people gripe to me about how their colleagues all hit “Reply All.”

On the other extreme, another pet peeve of mine is ghosting.

If someone makes the effort to reach out to you, it is only courteous to respond to them in a timely manner.

Most times it may be a one or two word answer you are looking for, but the other person can’t seem to be able to even do that.

Being in the executive search business for many years, I always applied the “three strikes and you are out rule.”

I would attempt to contact a person who may be a good candidate or source three times and when they did not respond I would move on.

Other recruiting colleagues are much more tolerant than me and will try up to seven times to reach someone.

How long does it take to type “Not interested; thanks anyway”? 

I realize everyone is SO busy but isn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? 

If you are not good with confrontation, you can email or text or instant message someone at 2 am and give them the bad news.

Instead these people avoid the situation altogether by disappearing.

This leads to more wasted time by the person who sent the message because they have to keep following up.

Even if you don’t know the answer or need to contact someone else to get information, just say so.  Don’t ghost!

I apply the 24-hour rule during the work week. 

I always respond within that timeframe for those five days.

On the weekends, my clients who send me an email have to wait until Monday for my response.

I know some of them don’t appreciate that but usually they are the more demanding clients and expect me to be available 24/7 which is not realistic.

I do tell them ahead of time about my time boundaries so the expectations are set and thus there is no reason for misunderstandings.

Communication is very important in any relationship – both personally and professionally. 

Thoughtful communication demonstrates respect to the other person so be cognizant of what you need to communicate, the mode of communication, and most importantly the timeliness of your message.

Others will truly appreciate your effort.