The Science of Being a Super Hero

Beth will be virtually presenting The Science of Being a Super Hero to Benjamin Moore on September 28, 2020. All of us have various titles, including functional titles (CEO, Director, etc.), but are those the only defining qualities we have?  What super powers do we possess that we need to capitalize on?  This is an … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – H is for Habit

Habits are tricky because it can take a long time to acquire a good habit and much harder and longer usually to stop a bad habit.  Surprisingly some people have a blind spot to their habits which can frustrate coworkers, family members, and friends.  I conduct an exercise where each participant has to text someone … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – G is for Grade

When I was in school, there were certain classes I looked forward to getting my grades and others that I wished I could have had a pass/fail grade.  I was a good student but certain subjects like trigonometry were just tough.  Those tests and quizzes would come back with lots of red marks and a … Read more

ABCs of Your Career Journey – E is for Evolving

Hiring managers are not looking for same old, same old.  A candidate can be in their role for a long time, however, if they have not increased their level of responsibility and/or expanded their duties, they will not be viewed favorably.  This is not just about knowing the latest software or a new regulation or … Read more