What are You Finally Going to Stop Doing in 2020?

At this time of year, the topic of New Year’s resolutions comes up.  In many of my workshops, the participants state that they do not make them which I agree with because it just may not be a good time of year.  Personally I prefer when school starts in the fall as a time to establish goals.  It is that new “yellow pencil mentality” that I can relate to especially after having a relaxing summer.

HOWEVER this is a great time of year to identify things that you are going to stop doing:

  • Wasting time surfing Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Buying a cup of coffee on the way to work every day.
  • Indulging in too many sweets, alcohol, etc. on the weekends or whenever.
  • Procrastinating until the last-minute writing a report and/or preparing for a presentation
  • being negative.
  • Doing chores (like folding towels a certain way) that others could do.
  • Going to networking events.
  • Being a member of an association or group that no longer works for you.
  • Serving on a board or a committee that no longer interests you.
  • Being in a job that is not challenging or fulfilling.
  • Being around people who are “time suckers” i.e. whiners, complainers, slackers, etc.

Life goes by very quickly so why keep doing things that are not productive and more importantly are not healthy?  What could you do with that time if you just STOPPED doing these things? “Hindsight is 20/20” but why go that way?

If you have difficulty letting go and it is affecting your professional life, give me a call.  Let’s discuss how 2020 can be the start of not just an amazing year or an amazing decade but an amazing life going forward.  Happy New Year!