The I Wonder Exercise

If money, time, and other things were not factors, what would be your greatest wish? 

Would it be to go on an exotic vacation, buy a fancy car, or purchase a house? 

The issue is if we feel things are out of our reach, we don’t even attempt to get them.

Why is that? 

Do we feel that it is so unattainable that we don’t even try? 

Are we lazy? 

Or is it that we are fearful of being out of our comfort zone? 

Many people also blame the lack of time but isn’t having our wishes fulfilled worth making the time?

I coach people who sometimes don’t even know how to make a wish. 

They have a bunch of ideas floating around in their head but can’t seem to truly crystalize what they really want.

It is like a kid in a candy shop who has a few dollars and can’t decide between the chocolate bar and the pack of gum.

They are so indecisive that they become very anxious and that just adds to their stress.

Try this exercise.

I call it the I WONDER exercise…

Set an alarm for three minutes.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself blowing bubbles.

As each one materializes, decide which ones you want to keep and pop the others.

Picture how some float further away and others stay close to you or even merge with others.

Of course, some bubbles will be bigger than others.

Once the time is up, draw the bubbles and write down in each what you were thinking.

If possible, draw different size bubbles to represent what you were visualizing.

Now pick one or two bubbles. 

Write down on a separate piece of paper how you can achieve that wish or wishes.

Also identify the challenges/obstacles that may stop you from getting what you want.

Call a friend or family member and tell them what you want to do.

Post the bubble picture where it is a reminder of what you are trying to achieve, AND most importantly do one thing towards reaching your wish.

All this needs to be done within an hour.

As you start getting closer to your wish, color in parts of that bubble. 

Use different colors and/or outline the bubble if you want.

Show others.

By sharing with others you can be proud of how far you have come and they can keep you on track.

If you feel frustrated, identify what is happening and then work through it on your own or with a friend.

If you start to feel that this is truly unattainable, maybe focus on the second bubble for now.

As we have explored before, sometimes timing is the biggest challenge we have in not getting what we truly want.