Mirror, mirror…

When looking at ourselves in the mirror on the wall, do we ever really see the whole picture?  Are we ever the fairest one of all?  Considering this is my first blog (ever!) for my new web-site, I really had to make myself “see” what I truly am in order to represent myself the right way to all of you.  Do I want to portray myself as entrepreneurial, creative, hard charging, “tough”, crazy at times, or a combination of them all?  Also what do I really do – in other words, am I just a coach or a fairy godmother?

I actually learned very quickly while compiling material for this website that I really love to give presentations and facilitate workshops besides doing one on one and group coaching.  It may go back to when I was an exchange student living in California for six months when I was 16 years old and had to give presentations to the whole school which consisted of 1800 students.  I was asked many questions then about my life including what it was like living outside of Manhattan (did we all carry guns?) and how can you go to one school from kindergarten through senior year in one building.  Now that I have been a business owner for almost 20 years, I realized that skills I learned back then still apply today.  I still get a few butterflies before I go on and have to slow the speed of my speech because I tend to talk fast but the idea of being in front of so many people is exhilarating.

I have been an informal coach for over 25 years as I have guided my candidates through the executive search process when they were interviewing with my clients. I have also engaged, motivated, and advised my clients to determine which candidates were best and also how to inspire existing employees to perform better for promotion purposes and to make their work more meaningful.  Since I have gone through formal training to be a certified coach a few years ago, I have expanded my skills so that I can now offer services that help an executive, business owner, and/or a group of professionals to identify attainable goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and construct a rewards system.  I also use assessments including DISC which aids in this process.

So mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?  I can guarantee that I always try to fair even if it means pushing back some times and I will give my all to whatever project or assignment that is handed to me.  Loyalty, passion, and determination sprinkled with a good sense of humor define what I am all about.  Why not contact me for a complementary call to find out more how we can work together to achieve your dreams instead of eating poisoned apples!

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  1. Great blog and yes it is amazing to speak and lead a large audience.. Looking forward to other commentary and blogs

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