Do You Believe?

  At this time of year, the question amongst older children is “Do you believe in Santa Claus?”  I dreaded the first time that was raised by my eldest child and once he was told there wasn’t one, he replied “I guess then there isn’t any leprechauns either!”  He really “tried” to believe for that Christmas and never told his siblings that Santa didn’t exist. 

Here’s another story – five years ago, I was expecting a friend over to pick up some things two weeks before Christmas.  She never came and a few days later I got a holiday card from her father saying that she had delivered a baby girl the day she was supposed to come to my house.  She had three adopted children already because she was told she would never be able to give birth.  Obviously she did not know she was pregnant and when they called 911 they got quite a surprise.  The child’s name is Faith which is such an appropriate name. 

So I ask of all of you do you believe in Christmas miracles?  Do you believe that things happen for a reason?  Do you let yourself get so caught up in the commercial side of the season that you forget to take the time to feel and see what the season is all about?

 Every time I start to feel overwhelmed with the gift buying, wrapping, planning, and holiday card sending, I think back to that day I found out about Faith.  I realize that there is a “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus” belief in me and that I want to believe it is in others as well.  I feel this year I am seeing more helpful and kind people when I shop and I am trying to do a good deed (however small) each day even if it is just letting someone cut in front of me in line because they only have one item to purchase.  It isn’t about me but giving to others.  I just wish this happened all year long.

 I am keeping this blog short because I believe others have stories to share that we can all benefit from.