Busy Bees

I could say that I have not posted a blog in a couple of weeks because “I am soooo busy”.

Although I have a hectic schedule now that I am teaching again, it is a lame excuse for not getting something done that I feel is an important part of my business.

I feel lately that many people are using that phrase as a “get out of jail free card” when in reality they should just fess up that they don’t want to do the project, work, task, etc., they are really bad at time management, or they are just flat out lazy.

Are there times when we all feel overwhelmed? 

Sure! But to use it as a constant crutch is ridiculous.

I admit that phrase really gets under my skin (can’t you tell!) because I feel that they think their time is more valuable than mine. 

They disrespect my time to accommodate theirs but if the tables were turned, they would not allow me to do that to them.

As I tell my children, “wasting my money is bad but wasting my time is a thousand times worse”.

I know this is affecting the workplace because many of my clients are conducting performance reviews right now. 

Managers and senior leaders are coming to me to discuss what to do with these employees who feel that they can request less work even though their job description says it is part of their job.

And don’t even think to ask them to pitch in when a colleague is out sick or has a family emergency!

As much as I would like to say it is the younger people, it is actually all ages that try to do this. 

They range from those who have the retirement app and are counting down the days when they receive their last paycheck to newly minted employees and everyone in between.

Some of the excuses are comical but when you look at the aggregate, it’s actually pretty scary.

Just because you have a hangnail, you can’t help out Joe or Sally? 

My gut response is “get over yourself”.

Of course, in today’s politically correct environment I can’t say that but I am sure from my non-verbal communication you get my point regardless.

What happened to accountability? 

Employees hate micromanagers but what is a leader to do? 

It seems like managers are spending an exorbitant amount of time checking in with their subordinates to make sure the work is getting done which leaves them little time for their own responsibilities.

Training on being more productive does help but after a period of time, like most habits, some go back to their old ways.

Instilling pride in doing a good job for a decent day’s pay should be the norm so how did we get off track so much? 

Maybe it is because we are sooooo busy to think about it.

It is a dilemma with no easy answers.