Do You Show Grit As A Leader?

Skilled leaders need to demonstrate that they can stand up to others and tackle tough problems.  In our fast-moving world, this is not an easy task but it is necessary for a company to survive. Also, it is important because if staff members do not have confidence in their leader, the organization will lack cohesiveness … Read more

B is for Bold, Brazen…Biotchy?

Teaching on a college campus, I have witnessed such amazing young women really make an impact.  They not only participate in class with interesting comments but they also handle themselves well in presentations even to very senior business leaders.  They exude a youthful exuberance coupled with the confidence that they can do anything their passions … Read more

Leadership Blog – R is for Resilient

Resilient leaders are the ones that can bounce back after being faced with a difficult challenge.  This could occur from a downturn in the economy, a defective product, bad customer experiences, and/or unsustainable profitability.  The key to being resilient is to recognize that the situation is most likely temporary and to recognize the positives, if … Read more

Nine Lives

It is believed that cats have nine lives because they supposedly always land on their feet.  This myth has been applied to humans too especially when they have cheated death.  However, this phrase can also be utilized when a person survives some other type of catastrophe i.e. loss of job, divorce, death in the family, … Read more