The Five Cs of Gen Zs

Several of my corporate clients have been asking me how to effectively work with the Gen Zs (also known as the iGen) of which the age range is approximately 14-26 years old.  My clients are perplexed on how to manage these people but more importantly, how to motivate them to do the required tasks without … Read more

Let It Go!

I am currently reading Jack: Straight From The Gut which is the autobiography of Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric.  When he became CEO, Jack had a philosophy that if any of their 40+ businesses were not #1 or #2 in that industry then they must either be “fixed, sold, or closed”. The … Read more

The Importance of Investing in Relationships

My father was a banker on Wall Street so my brother and I were taught to save our money in order to invest in our future.  By following his advice, I was able to travel to 13 countries in Europe after graduating from college, buy a car, and later buy a house. After I had … Read more